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Upcoming MTSS Events

MTSS  Rhode Island and the Rhode Island Association of School Principals (RIASP) are co-hosting a Community of Practice for school and district leaders through BRIDGE-RI. This Community of Practice will explore BRIDGE-RI and give leaders around the state the opportunity to discuss how to use BRIDGE-RI to meet professional learning needs and to problem solve together. The first Community of Practice is already full, but be sure to join the waitlist now to save your space for the next round. 

In the meantime, please consider attending the local and national conferences below, many of which are being held virtually this year. 

Upcoming Conferences & Events

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Previous Conference & Event Materials

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Webinar Recordings

MTSS  Rhode Island and Rhode Island Association of School Principals (RIASP) Introduction to BRIDGE-RI Webinar Recording (46 minutes, 51 seconds)

Recorded December 1, 2020

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